Bathroom Visualizer

Bathroom Visualizer

A virtual design studio that gives every home a designer bathroom, and makes every customer a designer!
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Bathroom Visualizer

Why Bathroom Visualizer?

Havi Propel Bathroom Visualizer helps your customers put together a perfect bathroom virtually. It makes it easier for your customers to visualize all the bathroom components as a whole. Be it a cabinet, a basin, a bathtub, a shower, a tap, or even the tiles and flooring. Anything you sell can be configured on the 3D Bathroom Design Software and can be customized by your customers on your website, or app, or in your store kiosk.

3D Visualisation

Visualization in 3D is not a novel solution anymore, it is an expected feature. The 3D feature of the Havi Propel Bathroom Visualiser brings any space to life. It allows your customers to visualise exactly how a bathroom fixture would look in the intended spot. And, It works with the same efficiency across all the devices and loads within seconds despite having multiple 3D models.

Smooth Integration

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