Woocommerce product configurator

Woocommerce product configurator

Make every visitor to your website a customer - Let them design, build and customise the products by themselves on your woocommerce store or wordpress site.
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Why Woocommerce Product Configurator?

Customisation of products is bringing in a revolution in e-commerce. It increases customer loyalty and engagement. Customers expect products to be built to their taste, be it a shoe, shirt, sunglass or a car. The woocommerce product configurator helps businesses set themselves apart from the rest. The simple product builder tool allows the customers to customise any product with ease on the wordpress site. Be the pioneer in customisation of the product you sell with the best product customisation tool plugged into your woocommerce store.

How the Woocommerce Product Configurator Works

Sign up

You can sign up, receive your own product designer storefront URL, try the product for 30 days and then start paying for the product either as a service on subscription (SAAS) or as an enterprise license on your server.


You can create as many design options as you want from the admin of the product designer. The customers will be able to customize products from the storefront.


Integration modules are available for all standard e-commerce frameworks. There is an API as well so you can integrate the product designer on a custom website, mobile app or kiosk. Or you can run it independently too and start selling your products.

Unlimited Products and Options

List any number of products and provide any number of customisation options for each product.

Fully Responsive

The wordpress product configurator tool works efficiently across all the devices, be it desktop, tab, mobile or a laptop.

Integrates on WordPress and Woocommerce

The product configurator can be used either just for customer engagement on your WordPress website (Generate Leads) or can be used to sell the customised products on your Woocommerce website (e-commerce).

Flexible Pricing

Set different prices for different level of customisation. Be it for the material used, colour chosen, pattern, print, size, etc. Plus, adding customisation to the products lets you charge more as people are aware of the extra work that goes in and is ready to pay as high as 20% more for the customised products.

Visual Canvas

Easy-to-use controls for a smooth customisation process and multiple views of the product for better customer experience is provided on the wordpress product configurator.

Provide an Omnichannel Product Design Experience

WooCommerce Product Configurator Can be Used to Customize

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